A Brooklyn Community Food Show

A Brooklyn Community Food Show

Hany ElDiwany


Today was an action-packed day at the Foodworks Brooklyn Meet the Makers event at our production center on Flushing Avenue. We had the chance to showcase our products to a lot of local retailers as well as consumers. The resounding message was very clear:

People want fresh and good-for-you dietary products. They want them to be tasty. and they prefer to buy them from their local producer.

The reception we received today was overwhelmingly positive because our whole-food-based tonics crafted in Brooklyn hit the mark quite decidedly on all the aforementioned points. We already have a burgeoning online business but we left this event feeling very upbeat about our near-term prospects on the local retail scene as well. As we enter more brick-and-mortar locations, we'll be sure to share those with you.

Again, we thank you. We LOVE working with the community and we treasure the chance we get to interact with you on a personal level. But you're the ones who decide to show up. We really appreciate that!

Stay tuned for more from us soon.