The Raw Facts

The Raw Facts

Hany ElDiwany

Today we're going to take some time to talk about why our tonics are totally raw and why that matters to you. So have a seat. Maybe even do a nice little shot of tonic to get that nice warm fuzzy feeling first. Okay, let's go...

There's been a huge proliferation of apple cider vinegar-based supplements and beverages lately, largely because you, dear consumer, are becoming more and more aware of the amazing benefits of said vinegar.

What's not as well known is that the preparation of these products greatly affects just how beneficial the end products are. Arguably the biggest differentiator is whether or not the raw nature of the vinegar is preserved. 

Now what exactly do we mean by "raw"? Simply put, raw vinegar is vinegar that has not been pasteurized, or heated up past a certain point. In order to understand just why you want to stick with the raw option, let's examine how apple cider vinegar is made and what makes it so killer for you.


See those apples on the tree? Little do they know, but they are on their way to becoming ACV. First we're going to pick them. Then we're going to mash them up to make pure apple cider. Next, we're going to add bacteria, which will convert the sugars into acetic acid, more commonly known as vinegar. That bacteria population grows.

You've heard of probiotics, yes? Know what they are? They're microflora, or bacteria and other microorganisms, that aid with the digestive processes in our bodies. See, there are naughty bacteria that wreak havoc on our systems and there are good bacteria that help us out. And they're in competition with one another. That bacteria in raw apple cider vinegar? They're your pals.

Just a second. Here's an idea.... let's go take a bath in scolding hot water, say about 190 degrees fahrenheit. Are you in? No? Oh come on, it'll be fun! Oh alright fine. We won't go.

We jest of course, as we both know we'd both be goners within minutes.

So what about yeast? And bacteria? Those are living organisms too. As do you and I, they too perish in such hot temperatures, which is incidentally the reason for and against pasteurization. If we kill our little friends they're not going to make that same contribution to our digestive processes and they're not going to help us push out the nasty bacteria by taking their resources away. Why would we want them dead!?

There are in fact very good reasons for pasteurization. One can actually get quite sick from consuming bad bacteria. Not a good time. 

Now before you run for the hills, hear us out on this. You're safe with us. Really. Why you ask? It all has to do with the negative value of the logarithm of the molar concentration of Hydrogen ions in the finished product. Too much? Okay, then it all has to do with a measure known as pH, which is a measure of acidity. Basically, the more extremely acidic the product (or extremely basic, on the other side of neutral), the less hospitable it is to the bad guys. Our finished product has over TEN times the acidity that the most hostile of microscopic enemies can thrive in. 

That's because we use full strength fifty grain apple cider vinegar without diluting it as many others might do to their products. If you look at the ingredients and you see "water" listed, it's probably not acidic enough and it's been pasteurized. Or maybe it simply says "pasteurized". Also, beware of an ingredients list that says "raw vinegar". That only indicates they STARTED with raw vinegar and they are still entitled to pasteurize it.

Just to be very clear:

We hereby declare that we use only raw apple cider vinegar and nowhere in our process do our tonics ever get pasteurized. they are still 100% raw when they reach you.

There are other reasons to go raw as well. There's the enzymes, that change structure under extreme heat. There's the alkalizing nature of the ACV that becomes an acidifying nature after pasteurization. And we haven't even talked about all the other ingredients that we use, like onions, garlic, turmeric and so on. But we don't want to be too long-winded here. We know you've got other places to be. Let's continue this discussion later. We'll call it a Part Two.

Well there you have it. 

We understand you have many choices in what products you use. Now ours are pretty killer and we have a feeling you may already think so yourself. But whatever you choose, we strongly encourage you to go raw with your apple cider vinegar. As always, we're not doctors. So if you have a health concern regarding eating raw products, it's best to double check with them.

Thanks for coming out today. We'll see you next time.