From founder Hany:

Some years ago, I was turned onto a recipe for an apple cider vinegar infusion, commonly known as fire cider that was renowned within the herbal community and had been used for countless decades as an aid to well-being. After finding that this recipe yielded something that was not only good-for-me but also delicious and culinarily versatile, I quickly envisioned the potential to introduce this product to a broader audience. The tinkerer within me got busy and I developed four delicious and pleasingly potent recipes that improved upon that original formulation with subtle differences to appeal to everyone. Each batch I prepare for you is hand-made in a small kitchen in Brooklyn using only the finest ingredients, with an unfaltering commitment to product quality and customer service every step of the way from our doorstep to yours. 

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Wanna know more about me? read on!

I began my professional life as an engineer, spending time working in power plants and refineries for the better part of a decade. While achieving outward material success during that period of my life, I yearned to realize my desire for creative expression and wellness. Ultimately, I went off to chart new territories, spending much of the next several years traveling between India and New York City for months at a time, both learning and then teaching such practices as yoga, eastern bodywork and Classical Indian music. And then that fateful day came when I stumbled upon that amazing recipe...

Fire tonics is the fusion of all the parts of my journey coming together: the engineer, the creative, the wellness advocate. Creating the best possible product is something I'm really passionate about as it is my way of sharing the journey that I've been on with you. 

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