Got a recipe you'd like to share with the rest of the Fire Tonics Community? We're offering a 15% discount code on any purchase over $30 for anyone who submits a recipe that follows our guidelines. That's a lifetime discount that you can use anytime!

Ah yes, those guidelines? Not too crazy. Just a couple simple rules.

1. Whatever recipe you submit has to include one of Hany's Fire Tonics as an ingredient.

2. The fire tonic can't be cooked or heated to a simmer. To be clear, we don't have anything against you using the fire tonic as a marinade, and maybe we'll explore that with you later. But as the raw, unpasteurized nature of these infusions is what gives them such a bomber level of benefits, we're gonna stick to the uncooked recipes for now. (for our in-depth yada yada on that whole deal, click here)

3. You gotta include both the ingredients and the procedure for making what you make. If we can't follow it, then we can't really relay the instructions to anyone else.

4. We'd really love for you to include a picture of the finished product. We love pictures. And so do you. Let's see them.

Okay, so we're flexible on this last rule because, hey, you're busy too. We get it. But if you don't add one, we might have to put a stock photo up in its place and you'll live forever knowing that the picture of your favorite fire tonics recipe...well you get the picture (no pun intended)

 By the way, it can be food, beverage, cocktails, condiments, etc... 

That's about it!

And without further ado, have at it. We look forward to seeing what you've got.

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